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Sports’ betting is basically a form of gambling that involves predicting the outcome of certain sports and placing wagers on the expected outcome. It is done on online platforms, commonly known as Sportsbooks. There are different types of sports’ betting. Some of them are explained as below.
Straight Betting
This involves placing wagers against a specific spread; or rather numbers assigned that handicap a team while favoring the other. For instance, in the English Premier League, when two teams play each other, one is most likely expected to win. Case in point, if team A is playing team B, the spread will read +3 and -3 for A and B respectively. These numbers are added or subtracted depending on the final score of a team. If you choose team B, you would hence subtract 3 goals from the team’s final score then compare it with team A’s core. For you to win the bet, team B must win with 3 goals or more.
Proposition Betting
This involves placing wagers on a specific outcome of a match. This can include predicting the number of goals to be scored by each team or even predicting whether a specific player will score.
This is a form of multiple betting and the bettor usually receives a large payout. For example, you could place four different wagers predicting that all the four bets will win. In case one of your four bets fails, then you lose on the whole parlay. However, if you win all bets then you are awarded a very high payout.
Progressive Parlays
This is quite similar to the normal parlays. The only difference is that even if you lose out on some of your bets, you will be awarded with a reduced payout.
Future Wagers
This tends to cover a long span of time. For instance, you may bet that team A will win the English Premier League in the upcoming season. However, you must place the bet before the start of the season.
In-play Betting
This is offered by some of the online sports books where you can place certain wagers while a game is still in progress.
The expected outcomes can be presented in form of odds. This may be in form of fractions, decimals or money-line. This represents the ratio of the payout in case you win your bet. One can bet on many types of sports including football, horse racing, basketball, tennis, boxing and many more. The legal betting sites available are easy to use and also safe since they are run by reputable companies which implement a strong security system. Sports’ betting offer you the chance to earn extra income given the fact that most of them award bonuses to new customers.

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